The Distance

We’re excited to present Jesus Calling reader Gary LeVox‘s  performance video, “The Distance.” Gary, the front man of iconic country trio Rascal Flatts, brings us this powerful Christian song with a positive message about pushing through during challenging times.

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21 thoughts on “The Distance

  1. Beautiful & encouraging! Thank you for sharing & may God richly bless you & supply your EVERY need!

  2. An inspirational song with the encouragement of knowing you can do all things with the love and support of Jesus. No matter how far, how high the distance can be achieved with Jesus. Thank you, Gary, for your heavenly voice to carry the message to all who need to know accepting Jesus will get you to the destination.

  3. Amazing. My story…I thank God that by His transforming, miraculous power, and His WORD…His Truth is stranger than Fiction, but infinite truth nonetheless. Jer 29: 11-14, IS 53, 54, 55.11Blessings and prayers.

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