A Message From Author Sarah Young

Watch and listen as Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, describes her love of Scripture and the Words of Jesus in this excerpt from her new book, Jesus Always.

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Video Transcript

It was a pleasure and a privelege to be able to set aside large blocks of time for focusing on Jesus and His Word. I consider The Bible a priceless treasure. I enjoy reading it, and memorizing scripture has become increasingly precious to me. It’s so comforting to have God’s Word in my heart all the time, guiding and encouraing me day and night. Because I revere The Bible, I always endeavor to make my writings consistent with Biblical truth. Dear reader, as you make your way through the pages of this book, I long for you to embrace the joy of a close relationship with Jesus. He is with you at all times. And in His Presence, there is fullness of joy.

6 thoughts on “A Message From Author Sarah Young

  1. Jesus Calling has been a big part of my life as a Catholic and given me such daily hope! I have given it as a gift to many friends both Catholic and Protestant and fallen away Christians and Every Single One of them rave about how much they love it and how it effects their life! Can’t wait to read the new book!

  2. Dear Ms. Sarah,
    I have read and reread Jesus Calling and get revelation every time I read it. At Wal-mart the other day. I prayed for Daddie God give me something to read, on the shelf there was Jesus Always. I knew that was for me because there was only two and they were out of place. I got them one for me and a co-worker. Ms. Sarah if I could only begin to tell you the transformation Daddie God is doing in my life. I journal before I read the page for the day then when I do read it; it’s right where I am, it’s what I need, and the answer, conversations Daddie God speaks to me through the pages. Ms. Sarah I have a testimony unlike most you would would hear. I pray some day that our paths would cross, that you would be the one would could help me tell my story. See my testimony started when I was 10 years old. The life that I lived, the horrific things that happen, I was in the fire for 31 years and when I came out I didn’t smell like smoke. Daddie God walks with every second of the day, He speaks to me in the clouds. Many are called few are chosen. I really don’t know what direction Daddie God wants me to go. As for right now I’m enjoying the ride. I love Him so much. I am a imperfect person that love Daddie God for who He is in my life. I know there are many women who need to here how a wretch like me got to be where I am , how Daddie God made the blind see, the lame walk, how He pulled me out of the mere, and set my feet on a solid rock, I am so many characters in the Bible including Rehab. I don’t know if you Ms. Sarah will receive this I pray in Jesus Name you do so the Joy of Daddie God can first hand be told. Have a bless day thank you so much for both books. Daddie God know what we need when we need them.

  3. Thankyou Sarah Young for your splendid book that is making me closer to Jesus in these words you sent to me as a love letter from Him, the greatest love letter in the whole world; to know that Jesus loves me was never satisfying until this book of love letters!!! Praise God for you and your achievement to know Him so well!!! Thankyou…

  4. my. Jesus calling was a gift from a grandson and family for Christmas of 2013. I have read every day since that day. Now they gave me Jesus Always for this (2017) Christmas. Although I love it, I still read Jesus Calling every morning too, It has been such a part of my life I will read it as long as I am able to. At 91 , I don’t know how much longer that will be, I hope your health improves daily.

  5. Sarah, I love Jesus Calling and have given it to many friends and family members.

    I work with victims and survivors within the faith community who have been impacted by domestic abuse (1 in 4 women!). I have a question for you in that area.

    Thank you!

    In Christ,

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