Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

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Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

by Sarah Young

Nothing in heaven or on earth can stop Me from loving you.

The Jesus Calling® Bible Storybook invites young children to discover the wonderful story of God’s great love for His people.

Through carefully selected Bible stories, an age-appropriate devotion to go with each story, and stunning illustrations, young readers will understand God’s grand plan to send His Son, Jesus, to save His children and prepare a place for us in heaven.

Bestselling author Sarah Young has touched millions of lives through her devotionals based on Scripture and written as though Jesus is speaking directly to the reader. Young children will love reading and listening to favorite Bible stories and devotions written from Jesus’ heart to theirs.

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

Illustrated by: Carolina Farias

Available In: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781400320332

Number of Pages: 256

Copyright: 2012

Language: English


We have several children's bibles in our home and my six year old son isn't drawn to any of those the way he is drawn to this one. Every night he wants me to read a story from this bible. The pictures are gorgeous and I love how there is a section, just like in Jesus Calling, where God it speaking to you. I love Jesus Calling and I love this children's bible. I highly recommend it!!