Reba McEntire Finds Peace In Jesus Calling

4 thoughts on “Reba McEntire Finds Peace In Jesus Calling

  1. I purchased Reba’s new CD, journal and tshirt which just arrived. Love it!!!
    She is a special lady and I am so happy she’s using her voice for God.
    I would like to see her interview.

  2. I am a 31 year old woman with Down syndrome. I will be in Las Vegas for Reba’s Concert on Friday March 3rd at 7:30pm at Caessar’s Palace. My mom made this possible for me. I love Reba and have her CD’s and her full DVD Set of the Reba Show. My dream is to meet her even for a couple of minutes. I saw her in concert at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut a few years ago. Perhaps, my dream could come true on Friday March 3rd at her concert in Las Vegas.

  3. These comments by Reba about her spiritual life were so encouraging. And then to see she uses my favorite devotional book, “Jesus Calling” blew my mind. Jesus’ words in this little book get me through my day and minister to my heart at its deepest level. I adored this post—just what I needed!!! I had actually been wondering just last week if “Jesus Calling” could be found online—and now I know. Praise God. Ask and you shall receive.

  4. My name is holly Williams I got one your books been reading it I just came to God fully few months I been in an out of church my hole life so I new there was a God but I never been this close to him like I am now he is amazing how he lets me see things an when I started reading your book it was so amazing he was talking right to me an things he told me is so amazing an I am so thankful that God let me find your book God is good an all glory go to God I am just so blessed that God let me see life the way he let me see it it’s amazing

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