A Mother Learns to Let Go As Her Daughter Graduates

3 thoughts on “A Mother Learns to Let Go As Her Daughter Graduates

  1. Hello Sherri.
    I am in tears to hear your experience and other mother’s with the same feelings/experience as I am going through right now. I was lost and now i am found. It was a turmoil the last few years. And I recall one of the speakers at our parish say, “take care of the needs of your family first before others”. And another one of my coaches, say “Let’s save your family first then we can help the rest”.
    With prayer, I am now listening and following the direction I am led. It is not too hard after all. Even if I was in the cloud for a few years. I will follow the path of what is best for my family and I.
    Yes, we do have our eldest daughter, graduating in a few weeks. And it is an accomplishment that we are so grateful for. May God be praised.

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