Lysa TerKeurst

Author, speaker, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“My favorite thing about Jesus Calling is it doesn’t take people away from the Scriptures. It is like a front door to take people into the Scriptures. The way Jesus Calling is written it is as if the Scriptures are translated the way God Himself is speaking to you. It is a way to ease me into the Scriptures that I may not have found on my own.”


Max Lucado

pastor and bestselling author

“I came to understand the power of the Jesus Calling book through some friends. A good friend of mine who owns a bookstore kind of discovered the book before everybody else did. He was amazed at the stories he began to hear.

I found that its unique ability to speak to hearts from the perspective of Christ is so deeply needed today. I think our culture is in need of a paternal understanding of God, that in many ways, even those of us who have had good fathers still have a longing for a Fatherly presence. So, when I pick up Jesus Calling, I feel like the Father is talking to my heart.”


Reba McEntire

bestselling author, actress and artist

Jesus Calling and then Jesus Always–I’ve got both of them. It’s just a short thing to read, doesn’t take any time– but to start your day off like that–it’s so encouraging; makes you feel good.”


Dolly Parton

Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and philanthropist

“I read my little Jesus Calling book. It means a lot to me, because sometimes I think God speaks to me through that little book. I’ve noticed so many times, that I have had things going on, and was just wondering about the answer. Then I read, and it just makes it clear. God does work through people and He does work in mysterious ways.”


Clayton Hurst

marriage and parenting pastor at Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

Jesus Calling draws me in to where I’m having that conversation with Christ of how I’m feeling and what’s going on in me. It allows me to take a closer step into a relationship with the Creator of the universe that maybe I wouldn’t have before.”


Ashlee Hurst

marriage and parenting pastor at Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

Jesus Calling is so personable. We’ve read Jesus Calling for Kids with our kids, and they love it. There’s so much meat, and every day it’s something that we can then take and have conversation about. We love Jesus Calling.”


Lee and Leslie Strobel

bestselling author

Jesus Calling helps Scripture come alive and helps the word of God go deep in your heart.”


CeCe Winans

Grammy and Dove Award winning #1 Female Gospel Artist

Jesus Calling – I love how it continues to bless every generation. It’s a devotional that everybody can understand and be blessed by. I get excited when I see young people and new believers embracing Jesus Calling.”


Mark Lowry

Award-winning singer, songwriter and author

“The overarching thing I see when I read Jesus Calling is that the Lord wants us to keep our mind on Him. I love knowing and having a good foundation of Scriptures, so when I read Jesus Calling, the scriptures are at the bottom to confirm it. If it doesn’t sound like Jesus, I don’t want any part of it. To me, Jesus Calling sounds like Jesus. It’s always a loving thing.”


Alli Worthington

executive business coach and consultant, wife, mother and author

“I love Jesus Calling. It’s so good, and it often allows me to find peace in the middle of a very full day. I love how such profound truth is packed in such short segments.”


O.S. Hawkins


“God has taken this one devotional book and multiplied it millions of times all over the world. I like the editions which have all of the verses that Sarah Young speaks about, that are at the end, where we can see exactly what those words are, that edify us, move us, inspire us, and drive us to be more conformed to His image.”


Nichole Nordeman

award-winning singer/songwriter and author

“To pray through those entries that Sarah writes, has helped me to come to the Lord in prayer in a much more honest posture. It’s just been a beautiful tool in my life spiritually.”
Photo credit: Hannah Burton


Aaron Watson

Country Music Artist

Jesus Calling is a great tool to be used alongside the Bible. I’ve talked with people about Jesus Calling, and it’s a great gift to give people to get them introduced to the Bible.”


Becca Stevens

Episcopal Priest, writer, President and Founder of Thistle Farms

“Sarah Young lives what she writes. She has been generous not only to this community, but to many communities with women healing. I really respect that the words she writes are how she lives her life. That’s a great gift.”


Ernie Johnson, Jr.

author and Sports Emmy Award-winner and popular host of Inside the NBA

Jesus Calling is a valued book that’s never far from my grip.”


Anne Wright

wife of Johnson Ferry Baptist Senior Pastor, Bryant Wright

“I was first given Jesus Calling in 2007, when I had a serious illness followed by the tragic death of my only sibling. This God-anointed devotion book spoke to my heart and my situation every day that year. I have continued using it—almost as a journal—and am amazed at how it speaks to each season of my life in a new way each time I pick it up. This is the power of God’s Word tended carefully in the hands of His servant Sarah Young.”


Rev. James Martin, SJ

Jesuit priest and author

“Sarah Young won me over when she said, quite bluntly, that clearly her book wasn’t Jesus speaking! Rather, as she writes, the presence of the Lord in her life inspired her to write what Jesus might say. The result, then, is that rare combination of sensible, sensitive, and sympathetic. It’s easy to hear Jesus’ voice in Sarah Young’s words: the calming voice of the One who says, ‘Don’t worry,’ ‘Have courage,’ and ‘Trust in Me.’ For those who have not encountered His own words, Jesus Calling offers an invitation. For those who have already encountered His words, Jesus Calling offers still more encouragement.”


Sheila Walsh

bestselling author and speaker

“Sometimes God places His hand on a project and takes it deep into the hearts of young and old, rich or poor, for it crosses every human barrier. Jesus Calling is such a gift.”


Mark Batterson

New York Times bestselling author and lead pastor of National Community Church, Washington, DC

“I believe that God honors bold prayers and is often just waiting to be invited to intervene in our lives with answered prayers, miracles, and fulfilled dreams. That’s why I love Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. On a daily basis, it invites people to enter a place of powerful prayer where their hearts are open to His words of encouragement, comfort, hope, and peace.”


Melinda Gates in "Christianity Today"

cofounder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“I have a profound faith. I like Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. You live your life wide open with gratitude.”


Charlie Daniels

award-winning country music star

“Ever since the day I came across Jesus Calling in a bookstore, it has been a regular part of my daily devotional time. It is so personal and introspective and directly addresses so many of my attitudes and shortcomings that it seems every message was meant for me.”


Roma Downey

actress, producer and author

“I read Jesus Calling every day. It creates such a personal and intimate point of engagement for me with Scripture. I always leave feeling rich, and feeling very loved, and very comforted, and very encouraged.”


Caz McCaslin

founder of Upward Sports, a Christian sports provider for youth

“My wife and I hand out Jesus Calling like it’s candy on Halloween.The reason we love it so much is because it’s all biblically sound. It’s biblical truths.”


Andrea Lucado


“My story is like everyone’s Jesus Calling story. I would read that day’s passage, and it totally spoke to whatever I was going through. The Holy Spirit has used this book.”


Johnny Hunt

pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

“The first person speaking of Jesus in Jesus Calling is a tremendous blessing in my life devotionally as His promises come alive in my heart.”


Shauna Niequist

bestselling author

“I’ve given this beautiful book to so many people I love, and I’ve come back to it myself again and again. I’m so thankful for what God has done in my own life and the lives of people I love through this extraordinary book.”


Dr. Jack Graham

pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

Jesus Calling is a source of spiritual peace and personal hope to millions of people. In the last decade, this amazing devotional has ministered God’s love and strength and has lifted believers into the presence of Christ. I have personally read Jesus Calling regularly and have been blessed beyond measure. I am grateful to God for this devotional masterpiece, which will speak life into generations to come.”


Emily Ley

author and founder of Emily Ley lifestyle brand

Jesus Calling was gifted to me by my grandmother years ago, and it has been a wonderful part of my daily devotional time since then. This book and the way its message is supported with scripture helps me understand God’s love and plan for me in a deeper way.”


Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lee

speaker for the award-winning “There’s Hope in America” television series

“It is a great joy for us to recommend the daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. This unique heart-to-heart presentation of Scripture has become a vital part of our daily personal time of reflection and worship. In this busy world, Jesus Calling is just what we need!”


Kathie Lee Gifford

host of The “Today Show“, author, singer, and actress

“My friend gave [Jesus Calling] to me years ago and it has become part of my daily devotional and I’ve bought every Sarah Young book since. They just meet the needs of the heart.”


Josh Turner

country artist and author

“Sarah Young is experienced in spending quality one-on-one quiet time with the Lord. She has used that and her experience as a tool and as a witness. I think people tend to listen more because this is somebody who is very genuine and has had a need to lean on Him.”


Christine Caine

Author, Activist, Speaker, Co-Founder of A21 Campaign

“I am a mother to a 15-year old and an 11-year old. They introduced me to Jesus Calling. Anyone who can switch my kids on to the Word of God will forever have a special place in my heart.”


Chonda Pierce

author, actress and the RIAA’s most-awarded female comic

Jesus Calling came along in my life when I had been through a deep, deep depression. What the Word of God does for me, and things like the Jesus Calling book, it puts words on a page that do not change with my mood. When you take the Word as a fact, then your faith interacts with that and you have a life preserver that will get you through anything.”


Josh Warren

CEO, Purpose Driven Communications

“Very rarely do books come along that hit you right between the eyes. Jesus Calling is one of those books. I can’t tell you how many times the devotion of the day is exactly what I needed to face that day. My relationship with Jesus has changed because of this book. My love for Him and His people is deeper, more real, more transparent, and I have a better grasp of the journey of His calling.”




Deana Carter

Country music artist

“It’s important to have that spiritual connection and that’s what Jesus Calling does—I was given Jesus Calling as a gift and I read it and wore it out.  I try to honor Him with my attention.”



nationally syndicated radio personality of Delilah , author, and songwriter

Jesus Calling is a just-larger-than-palm-sized book that is packed full of reassurance that God is with us, that He loves us, that He is in control, and that He has a plan for us. We forget to consider these things sometimes, but imagine how much more comforting it would be if we started each day with a reminder. Jesus Calling does just that for us 365 days of the year.”


Robert J. Morgan

bestselling author and pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, TN

“This simple book illustrates the art of biblical meditation and the power of God’s Word in giving us daily strength for daily needs. Jesus Calling is a phenomenon, as we’d expect anytime Jesus is calling.”


Maria José-Tennison

Vice President of Brand and Production for Sight & Sound Theatres

Jesus Calling For Kids helps my family see Scripture from a first-person perspective. As a mom, I see how my children resonate with that perspective. We have conversations around Scripture and what the Lord’s love does, His protection, and about bringing our troubles to Him.


Robert Morris

author and founding senior pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas

Jesus Calling is this generation’s My Utmost for His Highest. When you read it, you’ll be drawn closer to God and His Word.”


Gretchen Carlson

author and television commentator

“I believe a full day includes being nourished by prayers in the morning and prayers at night. Jesus Calling is a great go-to guide for living a full and healthy spiritual life.”


Sean Lowe

author and featured bachelor of ABC Television’sThe Bachelor”

Jesus Calling has been such an inspirational tool in my daily walk with Jesus. I was first introduced to Jesus Calling three years ago, and since then, I’ve given countless copies to friends and family in hopes that it will help them in their spiritual walk as it has in mine. This book perfectly encapsulates Christ’s love for us, and it supports each message with scriptural evidence.”


Ainsley Earhardt

co-host “FOX & Friends First

Jesus Calling is my daily devotional and is a book we all love here at FOX.”


Jimmy Wayne

country artist and bestselling author

“No one is too busy to read one page each morning for a year. If you are, then set your alarm clock five minutes earlier. You’ll even have enough time leftover to make a cup of coffee, but then again with how inspiring you’ll find Jesus Calling, you won’t need the caffeine to get your day going.”


Dianna Hobbs

president and CEO, “Empowering Everyday Women” magazine

“During life’s hardships, whether in the area of relationships, finances, health, emotions, or just the seemingly overwhelming demands of our daily existence, having a book like Jesus Calling to help you spend time in communication with God is priceless.”


Mike Reed

senior vice president, Salem Media Group

“Several years ago, a friend gave me a leather edition of Jesus Calling. Historically I haven’t read many devotionals. As I began reading Jesus Calling each morning, inevitably the day’s message was exactly what I needed to hear that day.

Jesus Calling has become the first devotional I read from cover to cover and the first devotional I have given to many friends. About the same time I discovered Jesus Calling, my teenage daughters began reading it and gave copies to their friends as well. Needless to say, God had used Jesus Calling to impact the Reed family as He has used it to impact millions of people around the world.”


Katie Farrell

author and popular blogger of “Dashing Dish

Jesus Calling is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The devotional is inviting, captivating, and refreshing. I can see why the title of this book is Jesus Calling—it draws you in, revealing the very heart of Jesus toward His children.”


Scott Sauls

author and pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville

“I admire people who care more about faithfulness than a platform and whose presence intimidates none and welcomes all. Sarah Young is such a person. When I think of Sarah, what comes to mind first is not “over 15 million books sold in over 26 languages” or even that her little devotional Jesus Calling has spoken to our two children more than any other of its kind.

I think of the woman who prays often for me. I think of the woman with her husband, Steve, who ministers to the Japanese community. I think of the compassionate friend who eases burdens for women impacted by addiction, mental illness, trauma, and incarceration. I think of the missionary whose mission is to convince tired, disoriented, thirsting sojourners that Jesus is calling for them.”


Esther Fleece

International speaker and writer

Jesus Calling helped me to hear God as loving. To hear the tenderness that He has towards me, the patience and the love.”


Rev. Rob Fuquay

author, senior pastor at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

“While I have long been familiar with Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, I am using it for the first time this year as my daily devotion guide. I am experiencing what my wife, staff, and lay leadership have long told me about this wonderful resource. Jesus Calling is written in such a conversational style that I don’t have to prod my imagination much to feel as if Jesus is reminding me of His promises and inviting me to welcome Him into the whole of my day. Some statements and questions are so powerfully worded that I find myself spending 15–30 minutes just reflecting on the meaning those words have for me. Jesus Calling is a guide for having and growing a personal relationship with Christ.”


Linda Leathers

Chief Executive Officer, The Next Door

Jesus Calling personally speaks to me every day. At The Next Door, we have the amazing opportunity to share thousands of Jesus Calling books with men and women incarcerated all across the country, bringing hope where it is desperately needed.”


James Robison

host of Life Today, founder of Life Outreach International and The Stream

“Sarah Young’s devotions are incredible. Peace in His Presence is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen in my life.”


Dr. Cindy Ryan

pastor, writer, speaker and blogger


“I’ve heard stories of people really going into the Word after Jesus Calling led them there. I think anytime we can get people into the Word in a way that they know equips them for real life, then we’ve done our job.”


Mike Gallagher

host of Salem Radio Network’s Mike Gallagher Show

“I have been a daily reader of Jesus Calling for the last four years. It has a permanent place on my nightstand at home and wherever I’m traveling. This little book has spoken to me just when I needed it and has gotten me through some very difficult times. My hope is that others will find the peace they are seeking within its pages as well.”


Kristin Chenoweth

Emmy and Tony Award–winning actress and singer

“I have this app on my phone called Jesus Calling that my friend Rita Wilson told me I had to have and it’s great. I travel so much that to have that app where I can read something in the morning when I wake to get my day started is really awesome. If I don’t do it in the morning, I’ll do it at night, but I prefer the beginning of the day because it gets my day started in the right way.”


Phil Keaggy

Guitarist, GMA Dove Award winner, Grammy Award nominee

Jesus Calling has been such a blessing to me and my wife, Bernadette! We take time to read it every day. Even amid schedules, appointments, and the crazy rush, we at least try to stop and read a precious page of Sarah Young’s encouraging devotional. Each page conveys the heart of Jesus and His undying love for each and every one of us. These words of Life are reinforced by the scriptures noted below. These daily readings are a cup of cool water to the thirsty soul. Jesus Calling book has helped countless people to learn about the love of Jesus and His deep concern for them. Thank God for every inspired word that brings forth trust and confidence in our Savior’s voice.”
Photo credit: Steve Lowry


Kari Kampakis

author and Mom of four girls

“Let’s face it: our kids are growing up in a busy world. They get bombarded by distractions that create restlessness, anxiety, and angst. What I love about Jesus Calling for Kids is how it silences the external noise and pressures by leading readers deep into the heart of Jesus. The devotionals are simple yet profound, and as I read them to my daughters, I can see them visibly relax and find peace in God’s presence. I highly recommend this book and every other product by Sarah Young, because wherever you are in your faith journey, Jesus Calling will speak to you.”


Annie Downs

author, blogger, and nationally known speaker

Jesus Calling really speaks well to our generation. It’s been so impactful and such a gift. Jesus Calling reminds me how good and kind God is.


Jamie Blaine

author and licensed psychotherapist

“One of the reasons Jesus Calling is so universal is because it speaks in a personal voice. I would read an entry for the day and say, ‘oh my gosh, this is exactly where I’m at today. I didn’t think anybody knew this about me.'”


Lisa Bevere

best-selling author and co-founder of Messenger International

“This is what I love about Jesus Always 365 Devotions for Kids—it is just one page. That is not just the attention capacity, but the retention capacity. The words are so highly relational that it speaks not only to the kids but to the mothers and fathers that are reading with them.”


Andrea Logan

writer, actress, and co-owner of Pure Flix Entertainment

“We read Jesus Calling 365 Devotions for Kids every day with our kids. It’s one page, two scriptures, and a few paragraphs. It’s so simple and practical. It is little seeds of truth and such a blessing to me.”


Edie Sundby


“What Sarah has done with Jesus Calling is opened our hearts to Jesus ‘calling.’”


Rick Rusaw


“To know God loves me generally is a great thing, but to actually embrace it personally–I think that’s been what Jesus Calling has allowed people to do.”


Joy Summers

Radio Show Host, WAY-FM

What Jesus Calling really does beautifully is it brings Jesus’ voice to life. It seems like often whatever you’re struggling with, there’s a line that speaks about it.


Rick Smith

Founder and Speaker, Rock Bottom Outreach

I think a lot of people can be very intimidated by the Bible. Jesus Calling is a great introduction into God’s Word. The Scripture at the bottom connects with that daily passage, and is perfect for young believers.


Dr. Meg Meeker

Pediatrician and author

“I started reading Jesus Calling and I loved it. It’s meant a lot to me personally and I’ve given a lot of copies out, because I think, even to people who have never read scripture or don’t know who Christ is, it speaks to them and they love the simplicity and beauty in it— it doesn’t take a biblical scholar to understand and receive it.”


Ginny Owens

Dove Award-winning singer and songwriter

“I love how Sarah pulls out simple truths; simple yet profound truths that Jesus says to us, which are there in His Word. As you read Jesus Calling, it’s a call to go and just discover more about Him.”


Kristen Hatton

Bible teacher and author

Jesus Calling shows us what is true of all of Scripture. It’s always timely. It’s very personal. It’s that reminder that we need from Him that He’s with us and that He’s for us.”


Jennie Allen

Bible teacher and author

“I think what Sarah did so well with Jesus Calling, was to show God saying, ‘hey, I want a relationship with you.’ A clear message throughout the Bible and in Jesus’ ministry is; ‘I’m offering myself,’ and that’s the greatest thing you can have is to be near to Jesus, and close to Him, and not miss Him in this busy life.”


Kristen Schell


“My morning devotion time is really the most important time of my day. I start most mornings on the couch with a cup of coffee, and work through scripture and my devotionals. I have a copy of Jesus Calling. I don’t remember not having it. My children have it.”


Kelly Balarie


Jesus Calling is powerful because it comes in, and it speaks God’s truth into your mind. It’s a great way to get to know God, to get to know Jesus. The words really remind me to stay with God.”


Lyn Mettler

writer and blogger at

“Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids is a wonderful way to personally engage children with their Christian faith, allowing them to start to see Jesus—not as a distant person talked about only on Sundays but as their Savior and friend. The book addresses children and teens right where they are—busy with sports, school, and family obligations—and encourages them to not just make time for their faith but to put it first and experience the amazing power of God’s mercy. I read this book to my elementary- and middle school–age boys nightly before bed, and I find it’s a powerful way to help them make that connection and begin to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus, a critical step in the life of any Christian.”

Janet Hunt

First Lady, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

Jesus Calling has been a wonderful blessing and challenge to so many. I endorse it wholeheartedly.”

Diane Strack


“Rarely does a week pass that I am not approached, phoned, e-mailed, or texted with the phrase, ‘Did you read Jesus Calling today? It was just what I needed today.’ As I minister to women, I often gift Jesus Calling as a companion to daily Bible study.”

Have you experienced Jesus Calling?